About TROA


TROA = The Roots Of Arts

TROA is the portal for artists and art lovers of various art forms such as music, dance, photography, painting, street, etc. Here you find information and deals on workshops, courses, jobs, hotspots, the best events and latest trends.

Check out our TROA artists pool with many talented artists. Maybe you´ll find the act or artist you require for your next film, event or your current project. Contact him or her directly on TROA and expand your network.

You as an artist can use TROA a large platform. On TROA every artist can register and present his or her art. In the different categories you can exhibit your works, events promotion, upload videos and photos, thus increasing your reach. The registration and use of the site is completely free and is used to support the artists and art scene.

TROA is looking forward to every artist, art lovers or supporter. We want the that TROA community continues to grow, because