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You are artist?

TROA offers you as artist of the TROA community the opportunity to present yourself at internal events and workshops. Additionally, you´ll be more visible to other artists or clients and can gain popularity through our platform.
As a special feature, TROA helps you to develop your visual presentation, so that it reflects you and your art perfectly.

Are you looking for an artist?

Register at TROA and find the next performer for your event, movie or music video, the photographer, graphic designer or graffiti artist for your visual project, or the slammer, musician, rapper or singer, when you can´t find the right words yourself.
Use TROA to track trends in the art scene and to discover young artists. Find interesting events, and connect with artists of different styles.


Do you have a dance school, music school, a studio or a location that should not be missed?
Then register your location as a hotspot at TROA and make it accessible to the general public. This way, you´ll find more people to follow your events, courses or programs.
Register  for free and add your hotspot.


TROA supports the art scene, which is you.

How does it work?

It´s easy. Just create your artist profile on TROA and present yourself and your art. We help you to find jobs, to connect yourself with other artists, to promote your events and to find new clients. You may also want to start a joint project with other artists? TROA is the perfect platform for both artists who are looking for new opportunities, as well as for clients who are looking for an artist for their event or project.

What are you waiting for? Be part of TROA, the Community of Art.

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